The Ohio Planetarium shows details of the discovery of the priest’s Big Bang theory

Chris Urban, Assistant Professor of Physics at The Ohio State University's Marion Campus, prepared the presentation

Oftentimes, science and faith may be viewed as opposing forces, but a new planetarium show that debuted this month at Ohio State University’s Arne Slettebak Planetarium highlights the fact that a Catholic priest thought otherwise.

Belgian priest and astronomer Georges Lemaitre was the first to suggest that the universe originated from a single point and then expanded to the size it is now and continues to expand to this day. This theory, developed by Lemaitre in 1927, is called the Big Bang theory and is accepted today as the leading theory of the evolution of the universe.

Lemaitre was younger than Albert Einstein, but the two knew each other and worked together. Priest proposed his theory using Einstein’s theory of relativity and after studying the work of American astronomers on the expanding universe, according to Britannica.

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