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the ring |Fupar(August 28, 2022)

the performance | There was no shortage of great performances in the finale animal kingdom (Fully summarized here). But when the smoke cleared, it was the last highlight of TNT in this column It was To go to Hatose, whose Baba, though unstable and dangerous, has taken on the role of a broken heart and lost soul in the series.

In “FUBAR”, when not playing an action hero as former Andrew fought like hell to escape the authorities, Hatosei paints for us two pictures, each as different from the other as the day is from the night. At first, while Bob was stifling his fear that he was saying goodbye to his younger siblings because he assured them that he wasn’t, the actor reminded us that his character’s ability to love was second only to his ability to be violent. Not only did the Pope care about his brothers, he cared so deeply that it hurt. He cared so deeply that “I’ll find you” sounded more like a statement than a plea. This was the pope who wished it was for his stricken sister Julia.

Later, Hatose unleashed a rage whose intensity burned more powerfully than the fire the Pope would soon ignite when confronted with his treacherous nephew J (Vin Cole, his stinging and raw work). The fugitive is in shock, but instead of begging for mercy, J spat charges, forcing his uncle to possess the weakness that led him years earlier to abandon Julia. In a shocking moment, the Pope’s life flashed before his eyes and with it every failure.

His face writhing, his voice reeling, Hatusi made us feel as much as let us see the weight of the Pope’s guilt crush him. When he finally collapsed, peace was near as the flames blazing behind him, we were relieved to Andrew as we were startled by his photographer.


Kind Warning | Although we don’t need to be reminded of how smart you are Samantha Morton Bring them to life walking dead Alpha is heavy, yet we got one blessing from Sunday’s compliment Tales of the walking dead. In the episode, before Dee becomes the leader of the unforgiving Whisperers, the actress tempers the pragmatism of her alter ego and cunning with an occasional softness—sweetness, even—that would have been alien to her future self. Sure enough, there were big and bold flashes of the ruthless villain that she was going to become. (She fiercely hid her mother rival Brooke out of revenge rather than necessity.) But it was Morton’s accurate portrayal of the meekness and sadness buried deep within Lydia’s mother that we found a new perspective on a character we thought we knew so well. .

honorary | Ashlyn Caswell has been on a path of self-discovery all summer long High School Musical: The Musical: SeriesAnd she found her Wednesday episode that opened her eyes to an emotional destination. The episode also boosted our appreciation for Julia Lister, who traversed every step of her character’s journey with heart, humor and originality. Musical comedies aren’t usually known for their subtlety, which made the simplicity of Ashlyn’s aha moment all the more effective. Confusion gave way to relief, and eventually joy, as she finally accepted herself as bisexual — even if the words to explain her feelings had not yet fully formed. With one small line (“Oh… this Why”), besides the kind of look that makes you want to reach through TV and hug someone, Lester tells us exactly where Ashlyn stands. And she’s definitely not alone.

Made by Myha'la HerroldKind Warning | industryHarper Stern suffered a major emotional defeat this week when she traveled to Berlin on a secret mission to find her estranged brother. And she wasn’t nearly ready for a future heartbreak. A touching scene between the siblings revealed an abusive backstory, and as John Daniel said, Mihala Herold Spin through a variety of emotions including adoration, disappointment, and crushing surprise. The actress coped with the injury with ease, as her character’s tough exterior slowly deteriorated. When Harper’s brother once described her as a narcissist incapable of love, the pain literally brought her to her knees. Returning to the London office, the actress rekindled her character’s icy mood as she rips Danny apart with broken words and a sad stare. It was a multi-layered performance befitting a very complex character.

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