The Proclaimers: “If you’re going to propose at our gig, make sure you’re discreet enough to get in” | culture

What is beyond you? actually walked? Jane Louis Liberace

Craig Reed: Maybe about 15 miles. I’ve never met anyone I’d go 500 miles for.

Charlie Reed: the song [(I’m Gonna Be) 500 Miles] It is a devotional thing about the distance you will walk for the love of a woman. I’ve walked eight or nine, but I’m up a Scottish hill, so a lot of vertical miles.

Who was your biggest influence? BobWoodturn

Craig: Our mum and dad listened to Ray Charles, Fits Domino’s, and Jerry Lee Lewis, so that came at a very young age. Then the Beatles, the Kinks and the Stones, and then, the Clash, the Pistols, the Jam and the Dexys Midnight Runners.

Charlie: Kevin Rowland She paid for the trial time for us and I know it helped others too. He is someone I respect a lot.

Missionaries on stage in 1989.
Missionaries on stage in 1989. Photography: Ebet Roberts/Redferns

Is it true that cap on hand Banned from the airwaves by the BBC in the run-up to Scottish 2014 Independence referendum? Hootsuite

Craig: I don’t know if it was blocked, but it definitely didn’t turn on. When you have anything political on your record, you think: “Well, that won’t be on the playlist!”

Did you find it weird or interesting that the BBC got it? Sir Tom Devine to counter ideas On your new album, Dentures Out? Cleggatemyhamster

Charlie: He’s a great historian, so it was fun, but a little weird. I prefer him to watch us more than many others. The theme of the album is the people who dream of England are gone or may not have existed at all.

Craig: Sir Tom said Britain was not unique in being nostalgic, but we actually said Britain was the worst country for it. It has become very prevalent; Perhaps a symptom of a disintegrated country.

Do you believe independent? Scotland Can it be achieved in your life? on the beach

Charlie: Yes, but it is about timing. I think there will be a general election before we get another vote on independence, but I just read that half of Tory voters want a power resettlement, which hasn’t been the case before. So we’ll see what happens.

Announcers in 1986
Brothers in 1986. Photography: Mike Pryor/Redferns

You told me I’m the first person To request your signature abroad The House of Fraser Storage Department in Edinburgh A day after you appeared the tube. do you remember? Rangers 1

Craig: I remember I did the tube In Newcastle, get off the train in Edinburgh and walk down George Street with a guitar. People came to us, but I don’t remember signing his autograph outside House of Fraser.

How do you feel about the movie Sunshine on Leith And would you be open to making an original movie soundtrack? NoShamus

Charlie: I thought it was cool, as the women sang a message from America and other things. It’s not our movie – it’s a movie that uses our songs – but I’m proud to be associated with it. As for doing a soundtrack, the snail’s pace at which we finish things means it may never happen.

Do you start with the melody, then add the harmony part(s), or “hear” them all together from the start? I love the way the harmony seems to progress up and down the melody and the two frequently overlap. flash

Charlie: This analysis is correct, but it shows the lack of music between me and Craig. Everything we were told to do when we were kids, we did it the wrong way. The Voice of Proclaimers is our driving guitar and our vocals. You should be able to hear the lyrics, because it matters more than anything else.

Did the interviewer really ask you where you met? TooMuchSpareTime

Craig: This happened a few times, but the DJ interviewed us face to face, and then we asked, “So, where did you guys meet?” The record company man turned to the wall, bit his hand and sobbed with laughter.

Craig Reed on stage at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, in 2019
Craig Reed on stage at Edinburgh Castle in 2019. Photography: Roberto Ricciotti/Redfernce

he is Joyful Kilmarnock Blues Based on a true story? Impasse

Craig: hipes [the Scottish fooball team Hibernian] It was relegated to first class and headed to Kilmarnock. The game was sloppy. I got a ride to Edinburgh from a Canadian guy who asked me where he should go to get a woman. I told him to go to the old nightclub by the Playhouse—not because it was the best place to get a woman, but because it was only half a mile from my house.

Do you regret not playing the greatest game in your club’s recent history, the 2016 Scottish Cup Final? How did you feel when Fans sang Sunshine on Leith? Fran 2016

Craig: We had booked all of our gigs, including one in Salisbury on the same day as the final, thinking Hibernian would never make it.

Charlie: We watched the game on a noisy computer in the dressing room that was running a few minutes late, so we found out that Hibs had scored before we saw him. It felt unreal. Of course I regret losing it, but if I was there, I would have had a heart attack. Two of my sons told me that after the song was played and fans started singing it, two men we know, now dead, appeared, with faces wet in tears. This is really what it means to people. It’s been 114 years since they won it.

i saw you in Wychwood Festival in 2015 Someone suggested over let’s get married. Did you get many suggestions? 79- Preston

Craig: Heck, a lot of them! There was a man who took a child from his lap, handed him to his prospective mother-in-law and got down on one knee.

Charlie: We received a request to announce: “So-and-so wants to ask a question…” One of the men got so drunk that he was denied entry, so the woman was left alone wondering what he had to ask her. If you are going to use undertakers for a marriage proposal, make sure you are discreet enough to get into the party.

Have you ever fallen A message from America From the live broadcast? Prenuptial

Craig: Never – and we couldn’t drop 500 miles, I’m on my way or Sunshine on Leith. We’re fortunate to have a few well-known songs, but not many, so in an hour and a half, there are probably eight songs to play and we’ll be spinning everything else around.

Charlie: If we drop 500 miles, we’re going to gamble our lives. In the States, when we played Letter from America early on on the set, a guy came up and said, “How come you didn’t do Letter from America?” We told him we had and he went: “Oh. I didn’t get in until halfway.”

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