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Did you recognize that there area unit over six million automotive accidents within the u. s. each year? as luck would have it, in most cases, automotive accidents solely end in injury in to property however, in one in 3 cases, automobile accidents conjointly end in personal injury.

Even if you have got ne’er had associate accident before otherwise you do not drive your automotive fairly often, there’s continually the chance that you simply might be concerned in associate accident through no fault of your own. If you’re responsive to the steps you must take once associate automobile accident, you’ll be higher ready defend|to guard|to shield|to safeguard} yourself and your passengers from injury and you’ll remember of what you would like to try to to protect yourself against unfair claims.

Here area unit the steps you must take if you’re unfortunate enough to be concerned during a road accident:

Stop your vehicle

Whenever you’re concerned during a automotive accident, but minor, you must continually stop. ne’er leave the scene of associate accident no end.

Make the Scene Safe

One of the primary belongings you can have to be compelled to do is certify that nobody has been skinned and therefore the scene of the accident is as safe as potential. To avoid the danger of an extra collision, place flares or warning lights round the stationary vehicles, and place your hazard warning lights on. If you’re on a busy main road, stand well removed from fast-moving oncoming traffic.

Call the emergency services

It is recommended to apprise the police of associate accident, albeit there are not any serious injuries. If there area unit any injuries or there’s a fireplace, then the automobile and fireplace services ought to be notified yet. it is a sensible plan to apprise the police, albeit it’s a minor accident, as a result of you’ll want a police report back to file along with your claim. If potential, the vehicles mustn’t be captive before the police arrive.

Make a whole record of the accident

When the police arrive it’s necessary that offer them associate correct record of what is going on. If you’re unsure of any of the small print, be honest concerning it, do not try and speculate or build assumptions. If you’re asked if you’re skinned, it’s higher to mention that you simply area unit unsure, instead of to mention no, as a result of some injuries from automotive accidents solely manifest themselves presently. If there area unit any third-party witnesses to the accident, you must raise them to attend for the police to arrive, in order that they’ll provides a statement.

Take pictures

If there’s injury to your vehicle, then take pictures of that injury. you must conjointly take pictures of any injury to alternative vehicles yet. If you have got any injuries that area unit visible, take pictures of that too. Sadly, there area unit folks that can claim that much more injury was done to their vehicle than truly was. A photograph can alter you to dispute a spurious claim against your insurance. whereas creating a record of the accident is vital, you must not, of course, impede the work of the emergency services and therefore the police whereas you’re doing it.

Exchange details with the opposite party

If the police attend the scene of a automotive accident, they’re going to take all the small print of these concerned within the accident and of any witnesses. If the police don’t attend, you must get the names and addresses of all those concerned, together with traveller and witnesses. you must conjointly exchange insurance details with the drivers of the opposite vehicles concerned. If the police area unit attending, the police ought to give you with a police report range. thereupon you’ll be ready to get a duplicate of the police report into the accident. If the accident occurred on a pike, you’re de jure needed to report the incident to the police.

Get a medical check up

Even if you do not assume that you simply are skinned, it’s recommended to urge a medical check-up as before long as potential once a automotive accident. Injuries caused by automotive accidents usually do not become noticeable till many days later. Even low-speed impacts will cause spinal injury and, if you felt dazed by the accident, you’ll have suffered a light concussion.

Keep all the work

Keep all the work you have got relating of the accident during a file. this could embody all correspondence, your claim range, details of the claim claim agent addressing the claim and therefore the names and phonephone numbers of all those concerned within the case. you must conjointly keep all the receipts for any expenses that you simply incur as a results of the accident, together with automotive repairs, medical prices and therefore the price of a rental automotive if one was required.

Seek legal recommendation

It is recommended to contact associate lawyer immediately once you have had a automotive accident. an honest lawyer can assist you shield your rights by advising you on a way to certify that proof isn’t destroyed and by supplying you with recommendation on the preparation of your statement to your underwriter. they’re going to conjointly facilitate certify that you simply receive the correct compensation of a automotive accident which you receive the simplest medical treatment.

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