Vermont employers are recognized for policies that support workplace wellness

Richards group with Dr. Levine. Photographs by Ian Thomas Janssen Lunquist.

Wellness Conference focuses on resilience in times of change

Vermont Business Magazine Seventy-two Vermont employers received the Governor’s Distinguished Workplace Health Award at the annual Workplace Wellness Conference, held this week at the Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpellier. Awards are given to Vermont employers for activities, programs, and policies to help employees improve their health.

Most Vermontese spend more than a third of their day at work. Research has shown that an environment that promotes employee well-being in the workplace, and that policies and programs actively support, can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of employees. These practices also yield Benefits for employerssuch as a positive workplace culture that is attractive to potential employees, improves employee morale, and reduces absenteeism and health care costs.

The Workplace Wellness Conference brings together Vermont business owners, human resources experts, and health experts from across Vermont to share ideas and best practices for promoting healthy workplaces. This year’s conference – the first to be held in person since 2019 – was themed “Developing Wellness and Resilience During Times of Change”. The event included a panel discussion, workshops and a keynote address by Vanessa Santos Eugenio, Director of Development and Diversity for the City of Burlington and Executive Director of We All Rise Yoga and Meditation. The conference is presented by Vermont Governor’s Council on Fitness and Sports and the Ministry of Health.

While presenting the awards, Commissioner for Health Mark Levine, MD, thanked the participants for their partnership in promoting health and wellness. Dr. Levine acknowledged the challenges employers and employees have faced as a result of the pandemic and called on employers to continue contributing to efforts to ensure flexibility in the workplace.

Dr. said. Levine: “The past two and a half years have required all of us to navigate and adapt to new challenges in a range of areas.” “Our nation’s recovery and revitalization includes tackling ‘health debt’ – the buildup of negative health behaviors during a pandemic that will increase and prolong the impact of chronic diseases for years to come. We need not only to improve their lifestyle choices at home, but also to support wellness in our workplaces.”

The Ministry of Health provides support and guidance to companies looking to implement wellness policies. Some of the main things that employers can do include preparation Family friendly policies Such as being a breastfeeding-friendly employer, promoting tobacco cessation in employees, providing opportunities for physical activity and reducing stress during the day, and increasing access to healthy food options in the workplace.

To learn more about workplace health initiatives for employees and companies, and to find sample strategies and policy templates, visit And the

The local health office also provides support for employee health initiatives. Find your local office in

List of the 2022 Workplace Excellence Awards Recipients:

Albert Bridge School

AN Deringer

ASIC North, Inc.

Aspire Living and Learning, Inc.

Ben and Jerry

Berlin Primary School

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont


Central Supervision Association of Caledonia

Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity

Chittenden County Solid Waste

Chroma Technology Corp

City of Burlington / Human Resources

Collins Aerospace

community care network

Cooperative insurance companies

Engelberth Construction, Inc.

Franklin County Home Health Agency

Gifford Health Care, Inc.


Grace Cottage Hospital

Supervisory Union of the Grand Island


Heartland Elementary School

Heritage Family Credit Union

Hickok & Boardman HR Intelligence

Hickok and Boardman Insurance Group


Howard Center

Injury and Health Management Solutions Company

IVEK . company

Jericho Primary School

King Arthur Baking Co

Lamuel County Mental Health Services


press lin

Maple Run Unified School District

Mascoma Bank

Mount Mansfield Unified Union School District

Mount Scotney Hospital

Healthcare MVP

New Chapter, Inc.

North Country Hospital

Nordic Federal Credit Union

The work of the Society of the Northeastern Kingdom

Northeast Kingdom for Human Services

Northfield Savings Bank

Northwestern Counselling & Support Services, Inc.

One Digital


computer building

ReArch, Inc.

Springfield Hospital


Richards Group

University of Vermont Medical Center

Fairmont Country Store

Brattleboro Town

Mutual union

United Counseling Service

University of Vermont

Vermont Electrical Association

Vermont Federal Credit Union

Information Processing at Vermont, Inc.

Vermont Cooperative Insurance Company

Fairmont Buckinghouse

Precision Tools Vermont

Vermont School Board Insurance Fund

Vermont Student Aid Foundation

VNA and Hospice in the southwest region

Whitsfield Elementary School

Mental Health Services of Washington County

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