Vision Solutions Rx cooperates with Xenon-VR

(Press release) Vision Solutions Rx Inc, maker of virtual reality therapy solutions for multiple cognitive and educational disorders, and Xenon-VR The company, the first to offer a mobile virtual reality medical grade medical headset designed specifically for the ophthalmology industry, has announced a new strategic technology partnership to share technology. This collaboration will provide the next generation of diagnostic medical equipment for screening, diagnosis and treatment.

Xenon-VR (XVR) is a medical device company that has designed and delivered the next generation of eye diagnostic equipment for use by ophthalmologists, optometrists, eye care clinics and other eye care professionals.

Xenon-VR is Delaware C-Corp. Based in New Jersey. It’s bringing to market the “next generation of eye tests”, as early as the first quarter of 2023, in a compact wearable headset.

The first-generation Xenon-VR products, called Xenon-1 (X-1) and Xenon-2 (X-2), use artificial intelligence, machine learning, patented optics, an advanced eye-tracking system (ETS), and liquid-lens technologies – all Embedded in the patented virtual reality platform. Xenon-VR products are FDA registered The X-1 and X-2 provide multiple eye exams in a headset and serve as various eye diagnostic equipment in the ophthalmologist’s practice. Using a headset can provide more accurate and convenient ways for a doctor who may run a small clinic to perform eye exams. Our liquid lens technology replaces older rigid lenses, provides eye care providers with faster refraction, and results in faster service to patients. Xenon-VR is a comprehensive diagnostic scan while its competitor only offers monitoring or scan functions. Xenon-VR provides over 16 tests including:

  • Visual Field Test: (10-2,24-2,24-2C, 30-2: (SITA, SITA-Fast, SITA-Faster) – Goldman Standard – Medical Device
  • Wavefront refraction (ABT) & phoropter – with goals and subjectivity.
  • Color Vision Extension (D-15)
  • Visual acuity (near and far)
  • Contrast | decreased visual acuity
  • Pupillary measurement
  • Movement outside the eye
  • vision screening devices
  • Humphrey Easterman Visual Field Microscope (HEVF)

It gives me great pleasure to announce the cooperation in the following manner to start 2023 collectively.

  • The VisionWEARx Cognitive Test will be preloaded on all Xenon-1 (X-1) and Xenon-2 (X-2) models by the end of 2022 with projected device sales for 2023 of 1,000 units.
  • VisionWEARx will participate as a functional testing unit for its cognitive tests in a large study of 10,000 patients in Kenya, Africa to start the first quarter of 2023
  • VisionWEARx to be released with launch of 250 pre-sold Xenon-2 (X-2) models for January 2023 with SAAS and diagnostic revenue
  • Xenon-2 (X-2) models will be deployed in all clinical trials initiated by VisionWEARx 2022-2023 partners in collaboration
  • The two companies will work together to develop a virtual pen
  • Both companies will jointly develop a cost-effective and powerful VR headset core unit to accommodate the examination and treatment model
  • Both companies are looking to collaborate on additional cognitive testing models such as PTSD, Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Irlin Syndrome for 2023.

From Zeeshan Khan and Jeffrey Williamson: “This partnership will be able to address issues and issues from dyslexia, dysphonia, and Irlene Syndrome to the eye care industry and, using patented Xenon-VR technology, will be able to provide a true telehealth solution where For doctors and patients not in the same room but at the same time they collect and diagnose their patients remotely.


For clinicians and other eye care professionals, they can reduce the time frame of seeing their patients from a distance and are able to see 5 times as many patients at the same time as they see a single patient in conventional table equipment.

This partnership will have a huge impact on eye care in the world, and the fact that Xenon-VR is not one and done but is also able to continually improve the eye care industry with a greater range of possible and more accurate tests compared to existing equipment.

“These new digital tools and solutions will elevate patient interactions, gain practice efficiencies, and increase the capacity of insurance-covered procedures at a time when there is severe pressure on staffing and productivity.”

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