Why do Maren Morris and Cassady Pop have conflict with Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany

Brittany Aldean is best known for her marriage to country music singer Jason Aldean. Brittany Aldean is also a singer, but she is best known for her work as a television personality and for her work as an entrepreneur. She has a huge social media presence, which is what caused her name to make headlines this week. Aldean came under fire, specifically by country music singers, after posting anti-transgender statements on her social media.

Aldean has been involved in a Twitter war with singers Maren Morris and Cassadee Pope. Morris and Bob called on Aldean to hold her accountable for her language. While Aldean claims her words are taken out of context, Morris and Bob found her statements extremely inappropriate and did a lot more on Twitter. Let’s touch on what happened between Brittany Aldean and the singers.

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8 Who is Brittany Aldean?

Brittany Aldean is the wife of country music singer Jason Aldean. Her maiden name is Kerr and she is also a singer. Aldean has already auditioned for the iconic show American Idol In 2012. Now she is running a fashion blog and is very present on Instagram and YouTube. She is best known for her social media presence and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Aldean is the mother of two beautiful children. She gave birth to her son Memphis in 2017 and her Navy daughter in 2019. She is also the stepmother to her husband’s children from his previous marriage.

7 How did Brittany Kerr meet Jason Aldean?

Fans of Jason Aldean will remember how disappointed the country music singer was with the messy transition from ex-wife Jessica Osiri. Jason Aldean was seen kissing Brittany while he was still married to Osiri. The scandal caused Jason Aldean to divorce OsiriAnd he started seeing Brittany Kerr officially.

Despite the chaotic start, Brittany and Jason Aldean have been happily married since 2015. They have two children together.

Brittany Aldean’s fight with Maren Morris and Cassady Pope started over alleged transgender comments she shared on social media. Aldean shared a reel on Instagram, with the goal of sharing her makeup look. Rather than maintaining her innocent intentions, Aldean added a comment that ended up seriously offending the transgender community.

Aldean’s comment had singers Maren Morris and Cassady Pope applauded. Aldean said in her comment, “I really want to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy stage. I love this feminine life.”

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5 Who is Maren Morris?

Maren Morris is a famous country music singer. Her popularity has grown due to her hit songs like “80s Mercedes” and “My Church”. She also collaborated with Zedd on the song “The Middle” in 2018 and made the headlines at this year’s Stagecoach Festival.

Morris is married to fellow singer Ryan Heard. Together they released the hit song “Chasing After You”. They are still happily married, but They went through some rough patches due to Morris’ tour schedule. They welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world in March 2020.

4 Who is Cassady Bob?

Like Maren Morris, Cassady Pop is also a country music star. The Pope rose to stardom after that Winning a singing competition the sound In 2012. After the competition, she was signed by a large corporation and moved to Nashville. Her career has been on an upward trajectory ever since, and she’s grown a dedicated fan base in country music.

Her biggest hit was the duo she recorded with Chris Young, “Think Of You”. Bob has since become an independent artist and continues to rise in popularity. She is currently dating Sam Palladio.

3 Maren Morris and Cassady Bob called Brittany Aldean

Maren Morris and Cassady Bob were not pleased with Brittany Aldean’s Instagram comments. They believed it underestimated the lives of children struggling with transgenderism, especially Aldean’s comparison between transgenderism and the tomboy stage.

Bob tweeted: “You’d think celebrities with beauty brands would see the pluses of including LGTBQ+ people in their messages.” Morris replied, “It’s very easy not to be such an idiot?”

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2 Jason Aldean was brought down by a PR firm

Brittany Aldean isn’t the only one who struggles with her poor choice of words. Aldean’s anti-transgender comments on Instagram affect her family, specifically her husband Jason Aldean. He is held accountable for his wife’s actions in equal measure, and the consequences could severely affect his future career.

Jason Aldean has been dropped by his PR firm This week in the wake of his wife’s controversy. The PR firm didn’t want to do anything with the transphobic narrative that Brittany Aldean referred to. While it remains unclear what the next step Jason Aldean will take in terms of PR, this is definitely a stain on his name.

1 Brittany Aldean Merch fired during the controversy

Brittany Aldean’s response to the Twitter attacks of Maren Morris and Cassady Pope was to claim “As usual, my words were taken out of context. She responded via Instagram, including the eye-rolling emoji. Fans don’t think Aldean feels remorse for her words, nor do they think she fully understands the implications of her actions.

Her response was less than a post promoting her new clothing line. The Barbie line aims to support the fight against child trafficking. Despite being a worthy issue, fans are unhappy with her response and not admitting her mistake.

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