Wildlife officials are investigating the rare killing of a Bandar County crocodile

A crocodile hanging around the Seventh Street Canal in Surf City.

For residents near Surf City’s canals, the sight of a crocodile floating in the water can be intriguing, but also frightening.

This is likely why a person was killed after becoming too friendly with people, according to experts. Officials from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Authority (NCWRC) are investigating an August incident in which a 5 1/2-foot female reptile was hit in the head. He was probably about 10 to 12 years old.

Barbara Smith, the lead officer with the National Center for Women’s and Children’s Rights, said the body was found shot dead in the marsh, near the end of the Sixth Street Canal. Interviews were conducted with nearby residents to find out what happened.

“I think someone shot her just because she was around,” she said. “We’ve dealt with calls from that area. But that’s their natural habitat. They’ll be in those channels.”

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